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Handmade wood decor you take pride in

Reclaim. Recycle. Repurpose.


Mount hood oregon

Handmade Oregon wood art


100% proportionate American flag in the shape of Oregon

United state of oregon


Customize with a heart or star brand at any location

rustic Oregon wall hanging


grow your herbs and succulents in style

Oregon succulent shelf


Living and breathing art

oregon Wall hanging SUCCULENT planter


the original

the Oregon wine shelf


3 panel wood art

Rustic wooden triptych


tell us about your idea

Design studio


not your average hat

reclaimed wood patch hats


I got the idea for my business from a dream I had back in 2015. In it, I made a wooden cut-out of Oregon from various pieces of recycled wood. The day after I woke from the dream I collected the supplies to make one in real life and began creating. I posted my first finished Oregon cut-out on my personal Facebook page and the rest was history. I now make all states and various creations using recycled wood such as tables, coasters, bottle openers , etc. I strive to not only provide a living for myself, but also strive to raise money for local charities and people in need. In my first 2 years of Burnpile Design I have raised thousands for local charities and people in need. This is more than a source of income for me. This is my dream. This is my passion.

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We are a small woodworking business ran by an artist whose focus is to give the rejected wood of the world new life by turning it into art. We make all custom state cutouts and various creations using recycled wood.