American Flag Gun Concealment

American Flag Gun Concealment


The American Flag Gun Concealment is made to oder. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your piece to be created and shipped.

Please double check measurements in the pictured diagram to make sure this is the right size for you and make sure your gun is made from magnet attracted material. Contact me for gun foam option, if your gun is not made from magnet attracted material.

This piece is a 2 layered engraving piece engraved into reclaimed wood that’s finished with a hand held torch and wood stains. The stars are inlaid reclaimed once fired brass 45 bullets.

The inside has 2 inlaid neodymium magnets (as shown in diagram) with a velvet liner and 2 hidden hinges.

Each piece is 100% one of a kind because no 2 pieces of wood are the same. These pictures above are representations of what your piece will look like.

The back is signed and dated by me, David Thomason Jr, and is ready to be intalled. As well as my Burnpile Design logo branded on the inside cover small and discreet.


*Items being places is the American Flag Gun Concealment can't exceed 1.4in in width*

CAUTION: Hinges slam shut. Assist face shut when closing. Do not let shut on its own.

**Disclaimer- Burnpile Design and David Thomason Jr. is not liable for any damage done to firearms, equipment, or property as well as any personal injury that occurs as a result of using our products**

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