Rustic Wooden Triptych

Rustic Wooden Triptych


Please allow 2-3 weeks for your Rustic Wooden Triptych to be made and shipped.

Dimensions are roughly 36 inches by 48 inches. 100% Handmade. Freehand torched to give the piece a rustic finish.

Each piece is 100% one of a kind because no 2 pieces of wood are the same.

The pictures above is a representation of what you are ordering.

These panels are open back boxes (like a canvas) made from recycled 1.5in X .5in strips of pine. Each panel is 36in X 16in and the back is not stained. The piece also comes signed on the back and with my BPD insignia branded into the side one panel.

Have a custom idea for a wooden triptych? Tell us about it in the Design Studio section of this site.

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